Since the start of our company, we have been scouring the French countryside for old barns and antique country houses where we could save valuable old building materials from demolition. An important part of architectural antiques are old beams. This historical building element is still the cornerstone of our offering.

We have been trading in these old oak beams for more than 50 years. Our stock is therefore very large and includes antique child beams, rafters, nut beams and purlins. Thanks to their various sizes, there is a suitable old beam for every application.

Besides recycling these old beams in artisanal trusses and beam ceilings, they can also be sawn into old oak. This old wood is then used in kitchens, stairs and solid custom-made furniture. The patina of this antique oak and the many grooves, cracks and knots give it a unique look. Pool houses, carports and outbuildings can even be built and furnished entirely with these old wooden elements.

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