bactrian stone

A intriguing Bactrian stone object. Scholars have been debating over the purpose of the various stone items found in several sites. Some believe them to have a funtional purpose, others belive they are idols of worship. In this case this stone is reminiscent of smaller stone oil lamps but perhaps unfinished. But it also clearly shows the curved shape of colomn idols from the same culture. Also the moulded side and teh hammering of the surface seem verry intentional and almost form a geometric pattern. This cushion shaped piece is flat on the front and curved at the back. A second stand is included to also display the back which is beautiful in its own right. Both sides have a great patina and show small earth incrustations. As a relic of time it is alltoghether verry enigmatic and with its elegant shape, sober decoration and geometrical setup it almost feels like a modern sculpture.... though it is thousands of years old.

H 20.48 in. x W 10.24 in. x D 4.34 in.H 52 cm x W 26 cm x D 11 cm
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