We always have a wide range of old wooden floors. These recovered planks and boards come from old barracks, castles, manors, monasteries and farms in southern Europe. This 17th to 19th century wood can be completely recycled by our workshops into an antique parquet in your home. The old boards are available in old oak, pine and chestnut. The antique oak and chestnut exist in the form of wagon planks, scaffolding wood, plancher ancien and plancher de grenier or old attic planks. Old pine is best known as cheese boards but pitchpine and barnwood are also common, and old floorboards are known as parquet de Versailles. But original Cluny and Chantilly parquet designs are also possible. These antique parquets can also be composed by us with recycled wood. Besides the unique patina of old wood, there is also an ecological added value. By recycling, no new trees have to be felled and unnecessary CO2 emissions are avoided. All surpluses, even the old nails, are reused in furniture and joinery. This also preserves the knowledge of artisanal woodworking.

Our range of old stone floors includes Burgundy dalls, Basècle or church floors, old bluestone, marble and terracotta. We find these antique dalls and tiles in centuries-old castles, manor houses, monasteries and farms all over Europe. Some of these floors date back as far as the 16th century.
The ancient Burgundian sandstone dalls, often in large sizes, have a characteristic soft beige colour and unique patina. Although mostly occurring in Roman bond, there are also variants in Burgundy tile with or without cabuchons. Copper floor or Old Basècle are slate tiles or dalls. They are characterised by their deep black colour and subtle patina. Old bluestone or blue stone is greyer and often a bit rougher. Reclaimed bluestone dowels can also be used outdoors. These antique floors also come in both wild dressings and old tile with inserts. Antique terracotta tiles or flagstones come in many colours. From white-yellow terracotta over pink to red Flemish peasant tiles. Although mostly square, hexagons and octagons are also possible. We mix various lots to create our own light terracotta mix. Finally, we also stock old marble in various types; Antique Carrara, Rouge Royal and Saint Anne. In addition to old marble dals and tiles, an antique checkerboard or old marble tile are also possible.

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