Abstract drawing Tom De Doncker

A large sized artwork by Tom De Doncker. Tom is a contemporary Belgian artist who lives by the adagio 'Simplicity is the first step in nature and the last step in art'. Inspired by his own travels and nature photography he goes about drawing in a chaotic and unorganized process. In this he lets the organic prevail while using the oldest form and technique of drawing. Although chaos and Primitive are keywords in his approach he also works very meticulously and with an extreme eye for detail. While clearly infused by modern art influences he is also very inspired by Old Masters. He doesn't only admire their master drawing skills but also the way they rose above the period they lived in and created timeless art
H 62.21 in. x W 48.04 in. x D 1.97 in.H 158 cm x W 122 cm x D 5 cm Ref. 5005
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