Contemporary monochrome organic Painting by Hymn of Silence “Framed Liberty”

Annelies, the painter of this work, works under the name 'Hymn of Silence'. As she progresses trough life, searching for balance or going with the flow, her art translates her evolution. Embracing the fickleness of life she lets coincidence and faith decide how and what her next work will be. The combination of color, light and texture are build layer upon layer as old masters used to do. Inspired by nature and a deep knowledge of ancient artisanal techniques her paintings captivate the attention of the viewer and succeed in connecting on a deep level. This particular work is a mixed media work where se incorporated recycled old hemp mixed with oil paint. As often in her work she merges personal experiences with her artistic learning proces. As the title '"Framed Liberty" suggests most persons and artworks are intrinsically framed in the larger picture (culture, timeperiod,... even in personal relations). Nevertheless the trick is to be aware of this so personal freedom, on all levels, can fully be nurtured. 90x90x4 Ref. 3750
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