SOLD gothic oak coffer strongbow

A fantastic medieval coffer. Made from 6 wide dovetailed planks from the same chestnut tree this coffer is a great example of haute epoque furniture. Strongbox coffers like these were used in ships and by wealthy merchants to secure gold, yewels and other valuables. Because this one has 3 locks it most likely stood in a townhall. 3 officials would have a key and they could only open it up together so fraude was evoided. The original center lock is vanished in time but the two others still are working fine. Its dry patina and signs of wear are untouched and all reamining iron work is original. Only the old chain was installed by our workshop for display.

H 26.78 in. x W 38.19 in. x D 25.6 in.H 68 cm x W 97 cm x D 65 cm
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