leather armchair

A 18th century Louis XV walnut armchair with 19th century leather upholstery. This chair has the typical Rococo design of the Louis XV era. A period when designers where inspired by natural fluent lines, comfort and joie de vivre. All tough much of the contemporary’s lived in poverty the French aristocracy, clergy and wealthy merchants aspired to imitate the frivolity and luxury of the court life. This chair was probably custom made for a Provincial aristocrat. It has unusual arm supports which tend to contemporary English design. The owner must have seen this in England and thought it to make a nice addition. Originally it also had leather but we had to replace it . We used 19th century leather from a sofa. On the seat is a natural flaw which gives it character. This piece is verry sturdy and can be used everyday.

H 39.77 in. x W 26.38 in. x D 21.66 in.H 101 cm x W 67 cm x D 55 cmRef. 2501
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