SOLD Set of 6 19th Century Rat de Caves Candlestick Holders

SOLD A set of 6 so called 'rat de cave' candlesticks. This type of candlestick holder was mainly used in France from the 17th to the 20th century. Rat de cave means as much as wine cellar dweller. They were hung (hence the hooks on top) throughout the house to be used at random. But most of all they were found in cellars, which in France is simultaneous with wine. The spiral form, utilitarionto clean out the candlestick remains, is functional as well as beautiful. The bases of these examples are made from different woods as oak, walnut and softwood. They are all a bit quickly but perfectly usable.


  • Dimensions
    Height: 8.67 in. (22 cm)Width: 3.55 in. (9 cm)Depth: 3.55 in. (9 cm)
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