bactrain alabaster vessel

A large Bactrian alabaster vessel or vase, circa 1000 BC, The tubular vessel with a slightly waisted profile. Beautiful veining with typical transparency. Nice patina overall, no cracks. The Bactrian culture was discovered by Soviet archeologists in the 1970s in Afghanistan. Also called the Oxus culture it was dated between 2300-1700 BCE. This civilization prospered in the valleys and plains of central Asia during the Bronze Age and is regarded as being one of the most evolved societies of their time. A lot is still to discover about these people and their artefacts. Aside from beautiful gold and bronze artefacts a lot of stone objects were found. Especially the marble idols are well known and intriguing objects. But also Alabaster was used. Very similar to Egyptian examples the Bactrians made cups, vessels and statuettes from this precious stone. This example is very large, finely carved and well preserved. Provenance: London Art market 2020, previously with Pars Antiques London and originating from the Terence Eva collection, 1980s-1990s.

H 9.85 in. x Dm 6.3 in.H 25 cm x Dm 16 cm
Ref. 2503

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