Hagi Ware Japanese Ceramics

Hagi ware is a type of Japanese ceramic which are known worldwide for their beautiful craftmanship. It is made in the spirit of Wabi Sabi which could be interpreteded as 'Perfect Imperfection'. Aswell as regular household items Hagi ware is particularly used for the tea ceremony. Alltough often sets are made in the same style not one cup is identical to the other. Here we have 2 lidded pots in the 2 most distinctive Hagi styles namely red and white glazing. Both are not marked but probably vintage pots from the 1950s. Both are in excellent condition.
Height: 7.88 in. (20 cm)Width: 4.73 in. (12 cm)Depth: 4.73 in. (12 cm) Ref. 600

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