chinese ceramic headrest

A Chinese unglazed ceramic headrest with lovely patina and naieve carvings on both sides. ONe geometrical and one of a fantasy beast (griffion?). These headrests are found in difformt forms. Sveral cultures (also Europe and US) believed up to the 19th century that it was healthier (physical and spiritual) to rest uppright with the head. Another reason for this peculiar practice was the safeguarding of the hairdo's... Aside from its history this object is a interesting relic with basic but elegant forms. Its age is hard to say because they were used for century's. A safe bet would be 19th century but it could be much older.

Height: 5.91 in. (15 cm)Width: 11.03 in. (28 cm)Depth: 3.15 in. (8 cm)
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