SOLD Early 19th Century, Chestnut Winetable Folding Table

A verry early folding table from the Spanish pyrinees. Completely made of chestnut with a amazing top from 2 slabs of solid wood. Beatiful patina overall, great proportions. Slightly warped base but solid when folded out. This table is made in the medieval tradition were furniture had to be easily transportable when danger lurked... hence the latin word 'mobilis' which is still reminiscent in some European languages (meubel, möbel,...). Tables like these were used for every purpose which popped up and could even be taken outside to the fields for lunch. This particular example is verry well made with much attention to detail. Alltough sober it reflects the skills of the maker and his love for the craft. Now again ready for every day use in any interior. 69 x 69 x 69 high, Ref. 2000

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