SOLD Early 19th Century Italian Demi Lune Console Table

This console is of a classic design. Made for centuries and perfected by local artisans. The proportions are unusual but work beautifully together. In particular the one piece walnut top is extraordinary and incredibly rare. Tell tale signs of it's early 19th century origins are the hinges between the top and feet. Alltough now fixed for practical reeasons this piece was originally foldable. As Italy at this time was in turmoil furniture had be able to be quicly moved to carriages. So, at any sign of trouble the family could simply pack up and leave. Alos, when large feasts were held the furniture could be easily moved around. The whole piece has a subtle, very attractive patina. Because of its great design this console can go in any setting. 123 w  x 56 d x 70 h Ref. 4000  

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