Gargoyle gargouille stone sculpture

This Gargoyle dates from the 15th century. It depicts a wonderfully detailed doglike creature which elegantly turns its body slightly upwards. Gargoyles initially were intended to transport rainwater from the roofs of churches. Often mythical creatures were depicted as they were easily recognizable for the illiterate contemporary. This architectural language was in fact meant to inspire and perhaps intimidate the common man as they should be wary of their chances to get in to heaven instead of hell. The current sculpture doesn't intimidate us as much but it does intrigues. Medieval sculptures were often illiterate and learned the trade by trial and error. Not only did this sculptor master his art but he also had a vivid imagination.

Ref. 2001
H 13 in. x W 9.85 in. x D 3.94 in.H 33 cm x W 25 cm x D 10 cm

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