SOLD stone console table

SOLD The sandstone top of this table was originally a floorslab we found underneath later burgundy stone slabs in a 15th century farmhouse. The house was completely modernised in the early 1700's but a lot of the original elements were left as foundation. Aside from 4 of this original slabs we also discovered a gothic mantelpiece which was simply reversed and monumental oak beams which were covered with plasterwork. The top of this table was probably cut to size in the 15th century from rough blocks of sandstone in a nearby quary. What is verry interesting that all over the slab several small fossiles are visible which means the stonecutter used a verry old layer of stone and perhaps even selected them on this base. For the base trestles we used recuperated oak from the same building which we burned black and varnished.

H 30.32 in. x W 83.86 in. x D 16.74 in.H 77 cm x W 213 cm x D 42.5 cm
Ref. 2005

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