Bactrian Pillar Idol Sandstone

Bactrian sandstone column idol, circa 3000-2000 BC. It has an elegant tapering form with a undeep groove running on the top. The colomns t has incrustation on the side where it laid on the sand and the vains are deepened with time. The incrustated side is a bit darker in tone. There are no restaurations visible and the column has no breaches. On top there is one old chip missing. These columns are believed to be religious objects whereas others think they are counterweights. Undeniably they have an intrinsic abstract beauty which almost feels modern. Interestingly men in ancient times often chose to use abstract form to worship their deities all tough they perfectly were capable of figurative work. Simular ones available.

Height: 11.82 in. (30 cm)Width: 5.91 in. (15 cm)Depth: 5.91 in. (15 cm)
Ref. 2000

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