SOLD refectory table

SOLD A large oak refectory table. The thick 3 plank top on a simple base with no less then 11 drawers, some of then cut out to fit wooden dishes. The whole piece has a beautiful patina and attractive proportions. Tables like these most likely stood in castle kitchen quarters before the fireplace. The staff would prepare food on it and eat their meals in the evening. The form and construction of this table resonates the late 17th-early 18th century. During this time most tables were trestle shaped and/or made from pine. Only the upper classes could afford oak and had the space for large pieces like this. Its in great shape, really sturdy and ready for yet another century of dining..

H 31.5 in. x W 122.05 in. x D 32.68 in.

H 80 cm x W 310 cm x D 83 cm
Ref. 10005

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