Large brutalist sidetable consoletable reclaimed wood and stone

We combined a 19th century Elm countertop with belgium bleustone supports from the same period. The supports were actually made in Antwerp to display 17th century canons more then a century ago. We were able to purchase them as the city reorganised their musuem infrastructure and the canons were moved to storage. Alltough not obvious we combined the two and they work really well. Both elements are about 120 years old and have a soft patina expressing their age but together they have a modern feel about them. We adapted the top and bases so combined the proportions are perfect. Alltogether a quite large attractive and unique sidetable with a brutalist feel to it. Please note that we would ship this item with the bases and top seperatly in one crate. 340 x 50 x 76 Ref. 8005
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