SOLD Stone Age Neolithical Stone Tool

A fine and large stone age tool from the Tenerian culture (5th - 3th millenium BC). This culture was discovered by the French archeologist M. Reygasse in the 1930s in the Sahara desert. Remarkable is the discovery that the Tenerian people actually were nomadic hunter gatherers who mainly lived from cattle, fish and wild fruit. This shows that large area's of the present desert wash a lush green enviroment. This specific object probably was used as a digging tool. The Tenerians knew precisely which stones were perfect for a specific job and it's almost incredible to believe how they could form such precise tools. Interesting is also to see that the shape of the object goes beyond the practical and the maker took a serious effort to obtain a perfect ellips. As such we can look at it now at different levels and enjoy this rare relic. 50 x 10 cm , Ref. 705

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